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Bio-az researches, develops, and produces the world’s best functional ingredients. Bio-az ingredients can be easily formulated into a wide variety of human and animal products to deliver health and wellbeing benefits.


Bio-az Food synbiotic ingredients have been developed to withstand FMCG manufacturing environments, survive long term ambient shelf lives, and still deliver synbiotic efficacy to the targeted area of the gastrointestinal tract.


Bio-az Beverage synbiotic functional ingredients are designed to remain stable at ambient temperatures in high water and carbohydrate activity products yet still deliver synbiotic efficacy to the targeted area of the gastrointestinal tract.

Personal care

Bio-az Personal Care synbiotic ingredients are a perfect solution for manufacturers looking to offer microbiome health benefits to skin care, beauty, and cosmeceutical products.

Bio-az ingredients are versatile, easy to formulate, able to withstand the challenges posed by the manufacturing process, transport, and shelf life. As a result, manufacturers can be confident that their products will not only meet the demands of the industry but also provide benefits for the consumer's microbiome.

Oral care

Bio-az Oral Care Synbiotic functional ingredients can be included in mouthwashes, cleaning pastes and other oral care products to assist in gum health, tooth mineralisation and balance the oral microbiome.

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Bio-az Nutraceutical synbiotic functional Ingredients have been developed to be easily incorporated into powder, capsulated, pressed tablet, liquid, and other processed nutraceutical products.

Bio-az Nutraceutical synbiotic functional ingredients are available for a range of different health conditions and microbiome effects.

Animal care

Bio-az Animal Care synbiotic functional ingredients have been used in the animal care industry for several years with excellent results. Bio-az ingredients can be included into any animal care products, whether dry or liquid, and whether monogastric or ruminant physiology.

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