We collaborate with our manufacturers: It’s a team effort 

Our mission is to provide natural, high quality, science-backed, and easy to use Synbiotics for food and beverage manufacturers so you can make the healthy benefit-driven products your consumers want most.

At Bio-az we develop and manufacture synbiotic ingredients with proven stability and efficacy that are commercially viable. Our range of synbiotic ingredients are on the forefront global science, product innovation and production advances.

Working With Bio-az

Our Bio-az team actively collaborates with our commercial customers and Dohler, to deliver the highest quality products and outcomes. We value our relationships and characterise our interactions through:


Active Positive Collaboration

Understanding the market and developing innovative new FMCG products is both exciting and challenging. At Bio-az , we will work hand in hand with your food science. product innovation and marketing teams to ensure the best possible wellness outcome for your consumers.



We respect confidentiality and the value of intellectual property. The Bio-az team will always maintain confidentiality and security around any interaction and product development project, to ensure your product launch achieves its desired impact.


Science and Safety First

Our Bio-az Food Scientists will work with your team to ensure the ingredient formulation, production methodology and final product validation all align with your teams’ deliverable out comes to achieve the ultimate successful product launch.


Innovation and Agility

Bio-az works at your pace and our team will bring an agile and innovative mind set to the project. Bio-az specialises in problem solving and innovation in an expedient and specific manner. We understand your success and our success are intimately linked. We have your back.


Purchasing the Product

Sign a purchase and license agreement and we are officially partners. Signing this agreement entitles you to the use of trademarks, patents, and associated scientific data to support your products’ innovation and unique selling points.


On time, On Quality, On Volume Supply

At Bio-az, it is all about quality and service. Bio-az products will always be available at the highest quality, in the quantity, and when you need them. Bio-az’s relationship with our exclusive distribution partner, Dohler, ensures that world’s best practice in supply chain management is in action, supporting your product launch, and ongoing growth.

Ready to get started?

The bio-az science team are ready to collaborate whether it’s an innovative new food, beverage, personal care, pet, nutraceutical, or pharmaceutical product. Connect us to start a conversation about your needs.

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